Soak Up the Rain – Rain Gardens Rule!

Volunteers needed for 2016
First rain garden plant date Thursday, June 16
About this Event: Help build a rain garden and learn how they work! We will be building a model residential rain garden to help demonstrate how stormwater can be managed on a small scale by individual homeowners. The largest part of the digging will be done with a small excavator before the volunteers start. Volunteers will work with Great Bay Stewards and watershed staff from the Department of Environmental Services to build the rain garden from the bottom up. You will learn how to verify the size of the basin and the berm, what sort of plants to put in a rain garden, how to build the in-flow and out-flows, and how to check the final product.

What to Bring: Snacks, water and equipment will be provided. Please bring your own gloves and a light lunch.
Event Details: June 16, 2016, 9:00 – 12:30 a.m. at #37 Briallia Circle in Newmarket, NH.
Questions? Contact Laura Byergo at or 603-501-0720 (or) 301-928-0647


Visit Soak Up New Hampshire for more information on this great program!

A special thanks to the Lamprey River Advisory Committee and the Newmarket Conservation Commission for their support of Soak up the Rain – Great Bay!


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