Soak Up the Rain – Rain Gardens Rule!

Become a Great Bay Tide Turner!
Did you know that 25 percent of New Hampshire’s population lives in the Great Bay watershed?  By taking these simple steps, you can help create a healthier estuary and ensure clean water for future generations: 
1. Reduce Stormwater Runoff
  • Get a rain barrel or install dry wells on downspouts
  • Plant a rain garden
  • Maintain a naturally vegetated buffer along waterways
  • Put in dripline trenches and diverters
  • Install porous pavement walkways and driveways

2. Change Your Lawn Care Habits

  • Get your soil tested
  • Use slow-release, organic fertilizer
  • Plant clover
  • Mow high and mulch the clippings
  • Convert grass to natural areas

3. Other Ways to be a Better Steward

  • Plant native shrubs and grasses
  • Mulch around trees and shrubs
  • Remove invasive plants such as buckthorn and bittersweet
  • Compost and make your own fertilizer
  • Inspect and pump your septic tank every two or three years
  • Reduce pesticide use.

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