Wildlife of the Great Bay!

Send your photos of wildlife spotted on the Bay and we’ll post them for the world to see!

Osprey Nesting

This Osprey nest was spotted by arborist Ed Roy.
Kathy Fisher, Immature Bald Eagle

Immature Bald Eagle

This immature bald eagle was spotted in Greenland. Photo taken and submitted by Kathy Fisher.

Michael Furtman Black Duck

The American Black Duck

While this photo was not taken on Great Bay, the American Black Duck does frequent the area.
Michael Furtman, the photographer, has such amazing photos of this rare bird we had to share for inspiration.
We are hoping YOU can get a local image of this rare species and send it our way!


American Black Duck

Another incredible photo from one of the
best wildlife photographers, Michael Furtman.

Wooly Gingerbread Monster

While we are not entirely sure which species this represents,
it was spotted at the Great Bay 5K, our annual road race
fundraiser that helps to support the operations of the Great Bay Stewards.

Wild Coyote

While we are not entirely sure which species of canine this may be,
it is believed to be a wild coyote spotted near the Bay by David Mueller.
It’s a big pup!

American Black Duck Putting on the Brakes Mid Flight

Beautiful, aren’t they? And an amazing capture
by Michael Furtman.

Whitetail Deer

This deer was captured in the Great Bay
Reserve by Newington, N.H., resident David Mueller.

Horseshoe Crabs!

Horseshoe crabs love the Great Bay! These
amazing, prehistoric crabs are always a
treat to see. Did you know they have blue blood
and are important for research at UNH?