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Great Bay for the Ages members are supporters who have decided to include the Great Bay Stewards in their estate plans. You may do this through a bequest in your will, your trust, or other charitable giving vehicle; by a gift of stocks, real estate, or other assets; by a life insurance beneficiary designation; or by including the Great Bay Stewards as a recipient of memorial gifts “in lieu of flowers.”

Does your estate plan include the Great Bay Stewards? We would be honored to welcome you to Great Bay for the Ages.

The power to protect the Great Bay Estuary is in your hands.

Be part of a passionate community of people determined to support and protect Great Bay so that it may be enjoyed for generations to come. Your donation helps fund education, research, and conservation on the estuary. As a Legacy donor, you can feel confident that you are doing your part for New Hampshire’s hidden coast to help protect more than 10,000 acres of open water, fields, and forests in and around the Great Bay estuary.

Thank you for considering the Great Bay Stewards when estate planning. Great Bay for the Ages encourages Great Bay Stewards supporters to contribute through a provision in their will, trust, or other charitable giving vehicle. Naming the Great Bay Stewards as a beneficiary of your will or trust is a common and simple way of supporting the Great Bay Stewards. Your will designates your beneficiaries and spells out your final wishes.  

Types of Bequests


The following suggested forms of bequests are examples that can be adapted by you and your attorney to meet your specific intentions.

Specific Bequest

A specific bequest names a particular dollar amount to be left to the Great Bay Stewards.

Percentage Bequest

A percentage bequest names a percentage of your estate to be left to the Great Bay Stewards.

Residuary Bequest

A residuary bequest first leaves specific amounts to family members, friends, or other charities, and then designates that all or part of what remains should be left to the Great Bay Stewards.

Contingent Bequest

A contingent bequest names the Great Bay Stewards to receive part or all of your estate in the event your designated beneficiarie(s) predecease you.

You have the option to add your name to the rolls of the Great Bay for the Ages, who are recognized at the Great Bay Stewards annual meeting and on the Stewards website. Please email the Stewards granting permission to use your name.

If you plan to restrict the use of your bequest by designating funds for a specific area or program, please contact the Great Bay Stewards while drafting your will or trust to ensure your wishes can be met.

For additional forms, click on the links below:

GBS Request Language

Great Bay for the Ages

GBS Brokerage Account Information

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

To discuss giving opportunities in confidence, or to request forms, contact Allison Knab, Great Bay Stewards executive director, at 603-778-0015.

Please note that the Great Bay Stewards does not offer legal, tax, or financial planning advice. You are encouraged to consult your own legal counsel, tax advisor, and/or financial planner.

Is GBS in your Will?

Let us know if you’ve included the Great Bay Stewards in your estate plan, or would like more information about doing so.

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The Reserve and the Stewards’ mission of protecting Great Bay for generations to come resonates strongly with us.

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