The Great Bay Stewards were very excited to have Kenneth Ernstoff, a longtime member of the Stewards, join our Board in November 2015. “As a recent retiree, I have time available to pursue my interests, including those volunteer organizations I would like to learn more about,” he says. “As a former attorney and realtor, my interests have tended toward real estate-related issues. In the past, I have assisted the Nature Conservancy land acquisition group in evaluating parcels for acquisition, and I was a Land Steward, hiking and overseeing some of its acquired parcels.”

Kenneth, a Newington resident, has already joined the Finance Committee and become an invaluable member.  When not helping out the Trustees, his other interests including spending time on the Bay.  “My wife and I spend many hours swimming, sailing, and touring the Bay, and I enjoy fly fishing as well,” he says.  Kenneth’s other passions include gardening, traveling, and woodworking.

Join us in welcoming him to the Board!