Despite its challenges, it was a joy in 2021 to be able to reflect on all we’ve accomplished over 25 years. We’re so proud of everything volunteers and supporters like you have helped make possible for the Bay and the Reserve, and we look forward to celebrating with you in person in 2022. For now we offer you our “best of” list for 25 years as a nonprofit:


  1. Raised nearly $100,000 and supported AmeriCorps volunteers for the new boardwalk, with a more sustainable and durable design and public access 365 days a year
  2. Enabled updates and brand new exhibits over the years in the Discovery Center, from “Be a Saltmarsh Scientist” to an interactive horseshoe crab exhibit
  3. Launched the Tide Turners program, encouraging area residents to commit to actions that improve the health of the estuary
  4. Enabled the increase in the position of the Reserve’s Volunteer Coordinator from part time to full time
  5. Supported hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of grant funding through our role as a fiscal agent to the Reserve
  6. Launched the “Estuary Explorers” program to support field trips for socioeconomically challenged schools
  7. Provided funding toward planning around the future of Glenn’s Cove and the Discovery Center
  8. Supported the installation of the osprey camera and related educational opportunities
  9. Raised money to create nesting habitat for the endangered Blanding’s turtle
  10. Developed an entrance exhibit for the Hugh Gregg Coastal Conservation Center, including murals, a timeline of the Stewards accomplishments, and new floor
  11. Provided ongoing support for the Wildlife Garden at Chapman’s Landing, including plantings, workshops, signage, a solar powered water fountain and more
  12. Funded capital projects at the Discovery Center campus such as the roof of the Depot House, as well as the side entrance decking and painting of the Hugh Gregg Center
  13. Through the Soak up the Rain program, planted numerous rain gardens at area residences and businesses
  14. Obtained funding for the installation of the Estuary Inclusion Garden and more accessible playground equipment
  15. Supported improved accessibility to the waterfront for all visitors
  16. Launched Great Bay Matters in 1994, and now provide financial support for the magazine
  17. Funded design and development of Green Exhibits on the Discovery Center Campus
  18. Hold the Great Bay 5K annually, starting in 1999, which has raised more than $200,000 in support of the Reserve and brought thousands of racers along the Bay and to the Center
  19. Put on Art of Great Bay for more than 15 years, celebrating local artists and the beauty of the estuary and New England environment through paintings, photography, sculpture and crafts
  20. Supported the 2017 installation of the Wellenberger Woods Natural Play Area, now a popular gathering spot for families
  21. Worked with The Gundalow Company for school programs
  22. Supported the construction of the Blue Heron Education Pavilion and the picnic tables
  23. Supported the installation of the Great Bay Special Collections exhibit, an interpretive historical museum on the history of Great Bay’s Natural Resources from Colonial Times to present.
  24. Supported the design and construction of Geo-thermal run stream on the Discovery Center Campus
  25. Supported Staffing and administration of Great Bay Kids Ecology Club, a program for disadvantaged youth in the Seacoast Area